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Announcing our new affiliated pain clinic serving Northern Utah: Advanced Spine and Pain with Dr. Jeremy Joyal.

What does this affiliation mean?

Desert Pain Specialists and Advanced Spine and Pain are industry leading pain management practices serving multiple locations across Utah. Within this partnership, we utilize the same technology and medical record platforms in order to provide our patients with world class service and care. Whether in Southern Utah or Salt Lake county, this affiliation will improve the continuity of your care within our elite pain management practices. Our board certified physicians focus on a multi disciplinary approach to pain management, which is also strengthened with this partnership by encouraging teaching and learning throughout both practices. At Desert Pain Specialists and Advanced Spine and Pain, continual improvement of patient service and care is our top priority while also promoting smart growth across Utah.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeremy Joyal at 801-572-1186 or visit their website here!

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We are proud to have been voted Best Pain Management Group in Southern Utah, 3 years running

best of utah 3 years running

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Latest Pain Treatments for Back Pain,Chronic Pain,Migraines,Neck Pain

At Desert Pain Specialists, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest pain therapies available. We believe that a compassionate and integrated treatment program is the best way to help alleviate your pain.

Desert Pain Specialists

Our Clinic Services.

Our Clinic Services include Conditions, Patient Education, Treatments, and setting you up with world class providers.

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Every individual is evaluated for the root cause of their pain – not just a “quick fix” approach.

Patient Eductation

Research, important news, tips, and techniques on living a healthier, pain-free life.


At Desert Pain Specialists, we provide you with the latest pain therapies available.

Our Providers

Our experienced team of pain management specialists provides world-class care.

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Live Your Best Life.

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, the physicians at Desert Pain Specialists are dedicated to providing world class care through addressing your pain at the root cause and offering cutting edge treatments to help you get back to living your best life!

    Providing Comprehensive Care

    Common Conditions We Treat.

    • RBack Pain
    • RNeck Pain
    • RCervical Radiculopathy
    • RHeadaches & Migraines
    • RLumbar Radiculopathy
    • RShingles

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