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Botox Injection

About the treatment

Botox injections are a minimally invasive treatment used to treat patients suffering from chronic migraine headaches, spasticity, myofascial pain, neck pain, or neuropathy. Botox, derived from botulinum toxin, is composed of a purified protein that can help relax overactive and painful muscles associated with the above-mentioned conditions.
Botox is a highly efficient pain therapy that can provide between three and four months of pain relief. During the procedure, your physician will use palpitation and muscle contraction to ensure proper placement. After determining the locations for the Botox injection, the physician will administer the treatment within ten to fifteen minutes. Multiple areas may be injected to successfully relax tense muscles.

After the treatment

Shortly after administering the Botox injections, patients may experience mild side effects including but not limited to swelling, bruising, and some mild pain. In some rare instances, patients may experience some nausea, a temporary headache, and other flu-like symptoms which alleviate shortly. Patients can apply ice to the treatment site to reduce swelling and take over-the-counter pain medication to reduce any discomfort. The Botox injections typically begin working within ten to fourteen days, with long-term pain relief lasting anywhere from three to four months. Patients may need additional medications to ensure sustained and enhanced pain relief.


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